Diabetes Education

Diabetes education, also known as diabetes self-management training (DSMT or diabetes self-management education (DSME) is defined as a collaborative process through which people with or at risk for diabetes gain the knowledge and skills needed to modify behavior and successfully control the disease and its related conditions. DSME is an interactive, ongoing process involving the person with diabetes (or the caregiver and family) and a team of educators: nurses, dietitians, and pharmacists. The intervention aims to achieve optimal health and better quality of life, reducing the need for costly healthcare by preventing and postponing complications.

Diabetes education focuses on seven self-care behaviors that are essential for controlling the blood glucose, blood pressure, and laboratory values that lead to better health:  Healthy eating, being active, monitoring, taking medications, problem solving, healthy coping, and reducing risks.

At BVMA, the Diabetes Self-Management Education program includes one year of interaction. There is one-on-one instruction, and patients and support people also attend classes offered either mornings or evenings. The agenda focuses on setting goals and creating a plan for successful health maintenance. Participants meet again with the team of educators to evaluate progress and redirect or reshape the plan until the desired outcome is reached.

The end result of diabetes education is to give the patient the skills and tools to successfully manage their diabetes with their personal choices and individual goals in mind. We offer a variety of individualized programs designed to meet your specific needs. Click here to learn more.  

Tools for Our Patients

When you have diabetes, other situations can make glucose control more challenging. Infections like a cold or the flu can make it difficult to manage your blood sugar. Click here to see how you can successfully manage your diabetes when you are ill. 

Regularly reporting your blood sugar results is key to maintaining optimal control of your blood sugars. If you are enrolled in our blood sugar monitoring program, click here to enter your meter results. 

An integral part of diabetes management is the training and instruction patients receive from registered dietitians. Click here to learn more about our dietitians and the many services they offer.